A love letter to my iPad

Dear iPad,

Do you know dear, how much I love you?  I shall not compare thee to a summers day, but instead to perfection. Your beauty is exquisite, your functionality limitless.  You open instantly for me, and allow me to do things I never thought imaginable.  With a simple slide of my hand, you allow me to draw and write what I want all over you, keeping my notes clean and instantly accessible.  You tenderly deal with my mood swings, allowing me to write one moment and then satisfying my deep desire to type the next.  You patiently categorize each task and demand I ask of you, keeping me going where I need to go and doing what I need to do.  You give me instant access to the whole world, the world wide web to be exact, and present it beautifully to me.

Without you, my life would be in shambles.  Without you, I would not be able to make this journey.  It is only because of you that I am here today, for without you I would have lost my way, would have given in to the evils of the devil twins paper and pen.  Together, we will reach the paperless land.

Do not think that my love is blind, for I am no Apple fan boy.  It is only because of how amazing you are, individually, that you have won my love.  And each day, you become a little more individual, a little more customized, and each day we grow closer together.

You make life so much easier to live, I cannot be apart from you.  When you smile at me as I awake in the morning, I know that day will be a little bit better, and much more paperless, because of you.  May we always be together.

Yours in paperless love,


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One Response to A love letter to my iPad

  1. davismaks says:

    Okay…I am admittedly all for the iPad coming in a the basis for the MPhil course in a paperless, digital world…but really! This is scary!!
    What is next….iPorn.
    Seriously though…I have very much a great respect for the way you skillfully tap, slide and type your way through lectures on that machine…here’s to your future training course for new MPhil students who get issued iPads at the beginning of the course next year 😉

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