Confession #3 – Tasty Treats

Okay, they were just too tasty to resist.

At least they were fair trade, right?

Could I have avoided using this small amount of paper?  Most definitely!  Did I want to?  No, there were much too tasty!  Did I know that they were in paper before they were tossed to me at the back of the class?  Nope, but I could have (and probably should have) thrown them back.

Sinned again… off to confession.

But it was just a small amount, eh?  Two tiny little squares of paper wrapping, no more than a few centimetres across in each direction.  If I avoided one piece of A4 paper, it would be the equivalent of a whole box of chocolates, not just two.

Should they be too small for me to worry about?  They are tiny bit of paper, but if I accepted just small bits here and there, when do the small bits become large bits, and then massive bits?  Is it too slippery a slope to prevent me from sliding into the depths of relativism?

More to the point:  is this the system I am looking to change (paper used for chocolate wrappers) or is it a different system (paper use at university) that I should spend my time being concerned about and examining?  Chocolate wrapping is not my focus here in terms of paper use and is currently too daunting a system for me to change at this moment in time, but it does contravene my rules.  As little as it may be, I must avoid.  While I am not concerned that I will start abandoning rules all over the place, if I do give myself permission for this, what next?

It was my little indulgence.  Next time, they get tossed back.

Be paperless,


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