Confession #6 – Assignment 3, the book report

3 pages this time.

I would say: not so bad.  I did try to avoid handing in the paper copy, but that is part of the larger saga of trying to avoid using paper in submitting assignments.

The bigger story is what I managed to avoid in terms of printed paper.  The assignment was to read a classic book on sustainability and then write a book report.  I chose James Lovelock’s classic book Gaia: a new look at life on Earth, first published in 1979.

Cover from the pdf version of James Lovelock's classic book Gaia

One of the criteria that I had for choosing a book was that I could find it in electronic form, preferably in pdf form rather than an ebook as then I could use my pdf annotation software as opposed to the book reading software.  Gaia fit the bill, although I could only find a scanned version and online optical character recognition software was unable to convert the book to text for me.  I was still able to view in my pdf viewer, and I was able to avoid printing or purchasing the copy of Gaia, resulting in:

171 pages avoided.

Should this be a confession, or a success?  I lean more to the later.

Be paperless,


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