Smiling because this picture was taken without the use of paper…

My name is Micah, and this is a blog about my change challenge as part of the Engineering for Sustainable Development program at the University of Cambridge, UK.

For my change challenge, I am quitting paper.

I am refusing to take paper given to me, and to produce paper myself (e.g. printing). If I do use paper, I am documenting that use, why it was unavoidable, how it could be avoided in the future, and trying to change whatever prevented me from not using paper. I am thus trying to move along the reduce-reuse-recycle spectrum from recycling paper through to reducing my paper use to zero, and in the process I will try to discover and change the barriers to me doing so and examine the implications of both the barriers and the changes I seek.

This is the story of my journey.  Thank you for joining me.


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